Pur Rhum

The natural rums chart


The Pur Rhum label responds to a growing demand from professionals and rum lovers for natural products, offering them guarantee and transparency.


The Pur Rhum Chart

1 / The labeled rums are analyzed by an independent laboratory,

2 / Rums containing additives (glycerol, vanillin ...) are excluded from the label,

3 / The added sugar level is measured and none of the rhum exceeds 20 g / l,

4 / The labeled rums undertake to communicate the minimum age and not the maximum age of rums


Guarantee : rums complying with the European regulations, and whose taste effectively comes from the production, the distillation, and the aging.

Transparency : all information published and accessible on the website.



As part of the analysis it was all about to check the contents of the rums on five components : added sugars (sucrose, glucose and fructose), glycerol, vanillin, syringaldehyde and ethyl vanillin.

For more information on the criteria and choices, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.